Hello! My name is David Foxon and I’m the creator and author of Neuro Expression.  The point of this blog is to bring you relevant research and findings from the fields of neuroscience, neuromarketing, neuropsycholgy and neuroeconomics.

A little about myself academically :

I am an under graduate of Université Lumiére in Lyon, France. In my time studying Cognitive Science I’ve managed to get a deeper understand of biopsychology, cognitive neuroscience, linguistics, programming, ergonomics, and neuropsychology.

Why the Neuro Expression ?

The blog was born in an attempt to create a platform to compile, discuss and share information about neuroscience and neuromarketing, and to connect people who are interested in these research fields. I’m hoping to create a friendly atmosphere for an interdisciplinary exchange with the aim of processing the newest findings, as well as expressing opinions and ideas on paradigms and future research questions. Moreover, this blog will also be a platform for me to share my photography creations and I will weekly publish music find I find inspiring. 

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